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Friday, July 8, 2011

Save the Bay

Do you know about Save the Bay? Check it out at Wew learn sustainability from sustainable ecosystems, such as wetlands estuaries.
The SF Bay's watershed provides drinking water to 22 million Californians and irrigates 4.5 million acres of farmland. Half of the birds migrating along the Pacific Flyway use the Bay-Delta Estuary's Wetlands. Wetlands are sustainable eco systems that provide for life on earth. Wetlands filter water, store tons of carbon dioxide, protect the land from storm surges, and are the house of fish and wild life. Estuaries are responsible for 50% of the world's fisheries harvest even though they only make up for 8% of marine waters. 
    • 90% of the SF Bay was paved. Save The Bay wants to restore habitat and re-establish 100,000 acres of wetlands essential for the health of this ecosystem. This is a great Sustainable Project.

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