Sustainable Development & Planning provides:

Development Services/building permits
1. Land use  services  
2. Green design services/building green

Sustainability Services
1. Sustainable decision-making  services 
    A. Sustainable development services
    B. Personal sustainability
2. Contractor services

Development Services
1. Land use services:  Focus on the resolution of red tags and processing green projects, as well as other related Land Use/zoning services, such as:
Planning for a project
Tools of the trade
  • Coordination/project management for up to 20+ Sub-Consultants, representing the Applicant in liaison with the County    (Services to Contractors, property owners, or Government Agencies, local or from out of State Applicants);
  • Process plans to obtain land use/zoning approvals for difficult projects requiring various  discretionary action and approval from state and federal agencies;
  • Process plans for remodels and new construction including green homes to obtain building permits;
  • Coordinate development of illustrative Sustainable Master Plans for entire properties; and, development of green feature Check Lists for specific buildings to receive Green Building Awards from  the County, Build It Green, and /or LEED.
  • Conduct Land Use Feasibility study  for remodels and new development;
  • Resolution of "Red Tags" and other code violations; and, but not limited to the 
Building Green
Sustainable Development
2. Green Design Services/Building Green--These are creative green design consultations using my architectural skills and ancient Feng Shui principles of air circulation, light and moisture control. "The Chi travels with the wind and stops at water" .  
Small architectural improvements can make the home healthier, beautiful, and having less of a foot print on the environment. It yields good return on investment.  Green building solutions = More Green = more $

Sustainable Development & Planning partners with architects and related professionals to provide drawings, while personally processing the plans for building permits as needed.

Sustainability Plans
Sustainability Services
1. Decision-Making  Services 
    A. Sustainable Development Services:
These services consist of applications of my Sustainability Synthesis to measure levels of sustainability, and/or to aid Applicants to make sustainable development decisions for their projects. Sustainability Synthesis 101 applications use the 3 pillars of sustainability - striving to balance physical, social and economic demands, now and over time, transcending to several levels of analysis and to the personal scale as needed. It guides you to new solutions.

   B. Personal Sustainability:
Sustainability Synthesis 101 is a method to guide the making of important decisions.  It guides you in a fast and effective way to reach your own solutions.  This Template or method of analysis can be utilized to make personal, business, corporate or any enterprise decisions. 

It is based on the triad of sustainability to balance: planet, people and prosperity. This triad is translated to the personal level as body, spirit and mind respectively.  This method reminds us of the Aristotle Rhetoric Triangle.  Evaluations are done for the current time and into the future.  Sustainable decisions are like a drop of water making ripples to near and far in your way to change your self and the world.  See a 2 minutes video about the core of this analysis in the Welcome section. Case studies, and testimonials from Clients ( under development).  

"If you like to learn the technique or want an Application please give me a call or email me. I am looking for hearing from you. Thank you." Patrizia

2. Contractor Services (Provision of these services has been reduced at this time and will return as Government Incentives increase again.).  Please contact Sustainable Development & Planning for availability.)

The Goal:  Visualize yourself working on a green building project, a project that is profitable for you, while respectful of the environment and good for people…  See yourself having the skills to do the job and do it very well…  The effort would bring new job opportunities for you now and in the future.
How does it feel?  If it feels good check out our services, we will help you get there.

Services We Provide:
What:  We connect contractors to green jobs by facilitating green building training and doing proactive marketing.
Where: Primarily within the County of Santa Cruz, however, potentially state-wide, depending on the project scope.
When: Each service contract lasts approximately 6 months to 1 year or longer if desired and depending on the current availability of related government “stimulus incentives,”   other grant funding and/or a Revolving Loan Fund.

For Whom are These Services and Why?
Our services are for personal property owners, for business owners, for the community and for the planet.  We provide these services because we are committed to Sustainable Development, whereby, “the best project is one feasible to the owner/developer, and an asset to both the community and to future generations.” Our mission is to inspire people to think sustainably. The goal in sustainability is to reach a balance of planet, people and prosperity, now and over time. Where profit,  environmental protection and people's well-being are at the same level of priority.  We can prosper while we respect nature and conserve resources to build lasting communities. We want to make you happy, and leave a better world for our children.

Here are Some of the Specific Benefits:
  • You and any employee you choose master a skill enhancing your current expertise, to be ready for a green job in your field of work, scale, type of project, and preferred location
  • You and any employee you choose receive training on how to make sustainable decisions for your business, and your business receives a Green Business Certification from the County (This is a public award for your business)
  • As they master a special skill, the morale of your workers will increase
  • Retention of employees as you respond to leads and bids
  •  The services provide you with a competitive edge in the emerging green building market, increasing the resilience of your business in times of low economic activity
How We Work:
 We learn about your skills and your company. We then figure what is the best and most cost-effective training you can receive to be eligible for green jobs in your area of expertise and preferred location. Finally, we provide you with the information you need to land bids. While you are in training we send letters of interest and conduct proactive marketing on your behalf with agencies who have received or are in the process of receiving stimulus funding from the government.  We strive to make you a “preferred vendor” so you will receive job leads and bids. The goal is to get you green jobs.

As this process takes off we evaluate your business from a sustainability perspective and help you get a Certification as a Green Business from the County and provide you with basic Sustainability 101 Workshops to educate you and your staff on how to make sustainable decisions within this new work environment. We also help you get connected in the community and train your staff to take this marketing effort over with an In-house Task Force, so you can continue benefiting from it for years to come.

We suggest you to consolidate different forms of advertising, such as Yellow Pages, to pay our Monthly Retainer for at least 6 months. The Retainer is proportional to your income and sufficient to pay for our services.  In case you close a contract we expect to receive a Finders fee of at least 3%.
In this process you are both the receiver and the decision-maker. You are improving your life in a way that has a great impact on those who you love and on the planet.

Green Skills = Green Jobs = More $$$

An emerging green building market is quickly gaining momentum and is projected to increase from today’s $39 billion in market value to $96 billion by 2013. -US Green Building Council

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