Patrizia Materassi evaluates your property for project feasibility, and manage the approval phases from the design-concept and building permits to construction.

Patrizia brings 35 years of land use planning and development review experience to your project. 
  • Land use/zoning approvals, building permits, Green projects
  • Vision and design-concept development via proven framework
  • Resolution of red tag/code violations
  • Buildability and land use feasibility studies
  • Development project management 
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  • Design-Concept Workshops 
  • Sustainable Decision-Making for Land Use and Development
  • Making Your Project Cost Effective
  • Customized presentations and workshops
Patrizia is available to present to your project team, business club or agency. Her popular presentations and workshops provide a window into the challenges and exciting sustainable solutions for today’s land use and development requirements.

Let Patrizia guide you in the development of your project design-concept in a way it will be cost-effective, in line with the local environment, and embraced by the community; with fast zoning approvals, and avoid litigation.  Your project will be as sustainable as it can be.

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INTERVIEW ON KSCO, Money Moves: Saving time & money on the building permit process

Patrizia was recently interviewed by radio host Pam Fuggit-Hetrick on KSCO in Santa Cruz. Beyond the basics of the application, Patrizia provided insights on how to navigate the process and how a professional planner can help clear the hurdles for a successful outcome. Contact Patrizia if you would like a transcript of the show.

Sustainable Development & Planning

Welcome to the Sustainable Development & Planning website. I hope the visit is of help to you. I provide two different but complimentary type of services, and a third and special service for those not familiar with California codes:
  1. I help property owners navigate the Santa Cruz County's building permit process and get you the permit. I specialize in green building; and,
  2. I help you make executive land use decisions in a sustainable manner using my own Sustainability Synthesis/template/methodology- Suzy101.
  3. I provide a special service for those not familiar with California codes as your Agent.
As a Land Use Consultant, I process your development plans and take care of your project as if it were mine. I provide leadership to the professional team preparing your plans, and liaison with the local jurisdiction until the permit is issued.  I can also help you to monitor construction and be liaison with the new contractors. I work with a great group of design professionals and contractors and can help you assemble a team if you like. I am your Agent. 

As a Sustainability Specialist, I lead you on a sustainable path with your project, via implementation of green building techniques, and assisting you in the process of decision making with my own method proven via 30+ years of experience in the land use field -Suzy101, a framework for decision-making.  Using Suzy101 you become confident of your actions when making development decisions, thus increasing return on your investment, while respecting the community and the planet. This ensures a faster process, no litigation, and compatibility with the community.

As your Agent , I help you to conceptualize, get permits, and monitor construction of sustainable projects in cities of California. I help you to understand how the development review process works per the California Environmental Quality Act, and all other city, State and Federal rules and procedures applicable. 

 I can get you a building permit, with a 10% services discount for new clients during the months of March and April.  Call me at 831 334 2383 for a first field visit. 

I know it seems our world is changing too fast for our human capacity. But we have to come up to the plate faster, and one way is to make sustainable decisions, by not only trusting our instincts imprinted in our body's DNA, but also using our mind for reasoning, plus listening to our hearts. I developed a methodology that helps you to think sustainably.  To help I can train you or your team to apply a decision making framework to reach personal and professional sustainability for any matter desired. 

The decision-making framework is the  Sustainability Synthesis 101 (Suzy101), as it analyzes several factors over time, and then connects it all into a synthesis that gives birth to new solutions!  See below preview of Sustainability 101 Workshop Video. 

If you are about to make an important decision, personal or professional and would like the decision to be as sustainable as possible, give me a call or email me.  I believe I can help you.  Although my decision-making method is simple and efficient, I dream like an alchemist; approach the most difficult situations from an humanitarian perspective, and provide you the support you need with a nurturing heart, Patrizia.

Other Sustainability/decision-making services offered include:
     - Training and class certification for coaches, teachers, businesses and private individuals;
     - Government policy in sustainability management, and management sustainability contracts;
     - IT sustainability strategies for government, and for IT Corporations 
     - Workshops on Sustainability 101, including the basics of  how to make the Synthesis work for you, for your project or enterprise;
     - Sustainable project evaluation and development of grant selection criteria for non-government organizations (NGOs), and for service organizations; and
     - Develop sustainability plans with leading sustainability indicators.

Personal Sustainability
In terms of Land Use/ Development Services:
You can receive assistance with:
   - Complicated zoning approvals and building permits;
   - Planning for a project or to building green;
   - Knowing what sustainable development is; and
   - Making sustainable development executive decisions.

"The best project is one affordable to the property developer and viewed as an asset to the community, now and for future generations."Patrizia

Sustainability Management
Letter to the Property Owner:
Dear Property Owner, 
Did you know there is no better time than NOW to plan for your project, process planning or building permit applications with the City or County? 

Development is down due to the economy, causing reduced activity in the planning and building departments. With decreased workloads, planners are able to process incoming plans faster and more effectively, saving you a lot of money! Now is a great time to re-start that old, pending project, and get an approximate price and processing time estimate for your home improvements plans, business expansions, or removal of red tags.

Sustainability 101
Sustainable Development & Planning specializes in helping individuals, businesses, and agencies prepare feasibility studies for vacant properties, plan for your project, process building plans and get you a building permit, in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Sustainable Development & Planning can also introduce you to building "green," interpret the County’s new “Green Building Guidelines,”  provide leadership to green construction contractors; and transform your idea into a sustainable development project.  

People trust Sustainable Development & Planning 20 years of experience working in several different city planning/zoning departments—13 of those years as a City Planning Director. Sustainable Development & Planning understands State Planning Law and is able to give you tips on how to deal with the County, be your Agent, eliminate any building violations, and expedite the issuance of permits in an environmentally friendly manner.  

We can also apply to expunge/remove your red tag/or any non-permitted development related lien from your property title even before you bring your property up to code! Your property may be eligible- Call Patrizia toget it started.  Flat fee of $500.00 for preliminary evaluation and environmental restrictions. 

Sustainable Development & Planning provides: 

Development Services:

Land Use Services with focus on building permits for green projects and  resolution of red tags as well as other related Land Use/ Zoning services.

Green Design Services/ building green--These are creative green building design consultations or spatial remodels using both architectural skills and ancient Feng Shui principles of air circulation, light and moisture control. Where small architectural improvements can make the home healthier, beautiful, and having less of a foot print on the environment, while yielding good return on investment. We also provide coordination with GreenPoint Rater Specialists for a "green building seal" from Build it Green.

Sustainable Development & Planning partners with architects and related professionals to provide drawings, while personally processing your plans and getting you a building permit.

Decision Making Services:
Sustainability Synthesis 101 (Suzy101)-  Applications of this decision-making methodology measures sustainability levels and teaches sustainable decision- making applied to sustainable development and to non-development/or to personal sustainability related subjects if desired, such as important personal decisions, businesses, corporations or any enterprise. 
Suzy101 is a framework for decision making.  It is based on and evaluates factors within  the 3 pillars of sustainability - a balance of physical, social and economic demands, now and over time, and come up with a synthesis of new solutions, sustainable solutions to land use, and also to personal or non-development related professional issues.  You can use the methodology to ask what is sustainable about anything!

what is a sustainable project
30 Examples of Applications for Suzy101  

Financially related transformations for you as an individual, for your project, and/or for your business:
1.  Increase decision-making confidence on financial and executive decision-making to reach sustainable development
2.  Adopt sustainable income increasing strategies 
3.  Conduct a business conceptualization and/or diversification brainstorming 
4.  Set short and long term goals, personal or professional
5.  Develop Leading Sustainability Indicators to measure project or enterprise progress
6.  Develop business marketing strategies
7.  Input balance into your budget priorities and allocations
8.  Learn the concepts of the Triple Bottom Line reporting approach 
9.  Develop sustainability criteria for projects, grants or for selection of projects;
From a Physical/ Environmental perspective, to improve your project, but also your own longevity and the sustainability of the Earth
10.  Set priorities
11.  Determine levels of impact of your project, business or enterprise on people and the environment;
12.  Time management, sustainability management contracts
13.  Bring balance and sustainability to policy development (personal and professional levels)
14.  Include principles of sustainability in plans and programs
15.  Develop strategic action plans
16.  Allocate financial value to natural resources
17.  Evaluate location and spatial considerations
18.  Apply green building techniques**
19.  Evaluate the Feng Shui architectural principles of light, air circulation and moisture control in your home or office**
20.  Learn how "to meet today's needs and still leave resources for future generations to meet their needs."
21.  Learn what is sustainable development. How to build a building "green" or plan for a project in a sustainable manner; and,
Socially related services with an Humanitarian approach and a Nurturing heart: 
22.  How can my project fit/meet the community needs; how can I serve the community better?
23.  Find ways to be happier, increase creativity and motivation 
24.  Increase confidence on you actions, personal development
25.  Breakdown and resolve deep conflicting issues; how to leadership
26.  Address important family and life decisions; better understanding
27.  Respond to staff, and/or youth concerns
28.  Help evaluate sustainable projects for National and International service organizations and NGOs
29.  Increase quality of services,
30.  Increase moral of staff in businesses, large corporations and/or government.

Implementation of these strategies helps us to leave a better and happier world for our children.

Patrizia's Sustainability Synthesis helps individuals be at peace with their own decisions and businesses to grow in a sustainable manner. It is in line with the earth and for the survival of humanity.  See the Susy101 - a decision making framework, for more applications of this methodology.

IT and sustainability
Contract Services 
Connecting contractors to green jobs. 
(Please refer to the Services page/tab.)

Sustainable Development & Planning  provides sustainable solutions for land use projects as well as offer guidance to individuals and business on sustainable decision-making.

Patrizia Materassi, the Owner and CEO of Sustainable Development & Planning is a sole proprietor; she has over 20 years experience in City Planning.  Clients range from individuals to businesses as well as public agencies.  SD&P is located in Felton, California, and service the whole Santa Cruz & Monterey Bay region for development services. 
Get the insider's perspective.  Call or email Patrizia Materassi for a first visit to the property in question. She is looking forward hearing from you.  

"As a Sustainability Specialist, I provide comprehensive consulting services to help clients achieve a balance of health, happiness and success at the personal level.  At the business level help your business to prosper while improving quality of life and respecting the environment.  The ripples of such work promote balance of environmental quality, social well-being, and economic prosperity for all the parties involved and ultimately in the community, and at the global level. There is no restriction of trade area for these services provided over the interned, via Skype and emails." Patrizia

"You may download the List of Questions to start an Application of  the  Susy101 or emailing me to help resolve an important issue that keeps coming back to you, over and over again.  I am looking forward hearing from you. All the best." Patrizia

Sustainable decision making, personal sustainability, IT sustainability policy and management, sustainable development, Santa Cruz, Monterrey Bay, and over Skype.