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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Nature's Self Blessing

My best Self-blessing:

Start by sitting for a few minutes, and take a deep breath, and 2 more, then smile...

Close your eyes and say the words below in silence in your mind; when you say the words visualize what you are saying, and then feel it:
"May I be healthy, as healthy as I can be."  (Have a picture of your self young and healthy on your mind’s eyes, keep it there...)  Then say:

"May I be happy, as happy as I can be."  (Remember the last time you were happy and relaxed, how does it feel?     Enjoy the feeling...  Now, find what would make you feel happy today.    Visualize it.   How does it feel?    Keep that image on your mind’s eyes...)  Then say:  

"May I be at peace." (Imagine yourself radiating love to people around you, to your loved ones, and to all living beings in the world that need love. Be in a giving mode...)  Lastly say:

"And, may I have a successful day!" 
(This is for you to visualize and feel how good it feels when all you want to do today gets done, focus on survival skills, activities, and $ matters as applicable. What would make you successful today?   Visualize it,   feel the success.....When you are ready say: Amen

This is called Nature's Self Blessing because when we meditate we are one with Nature.
With love, Patrizia Materassi

This Blessing is copyright.

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