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Patrizia, Planning, & Sustainability

My name is Patrizia Materassi and I have over 20 years experience in city planning with 13 years spent in executive management for development services (planning & zoning). I specialize in Land Use and Sustainability Consulting.  My clients range from individuals to businesses as well as public agencies.

Over the course of my professional experience, I have gained expertise in several areas, such as:
  • Sustainable decision making, 
  • Multi-modal transportation/infrastructure grants, 
  • City General Plans and community participation,
  • Land use and city economic development, 
  • Project management/development services, including processing plans and obtaining Building Permits and other zoning approvals. 
See brief descriptions of accomplishments below: 

1. Patrizia's Sustainability Synthesis (PSS)) & Green Building:
In addition to receiving Build It Green professional certification, I developed my own model for sustainable decision making to be used by any enterprise and applicable for any project, and to personal decisions.

2. Multi-Modal Transportation Infrastructure Grants:
I have managed multi-million dollar projects that have resulted in the creation of bike lanes, electric charging stations, highway improvements, air quality publications, and an award for intersection improvements for safe routes to school programs; starting back in 1991.

3. General Planning, Community Participation & Outreach:
I have helped guide and update City General Plans and received an Outstanding Outreach Award for successfully engaging the community at large in strategic action planning.

4. Land Use Planning & Economic Development:
I helped conceptualize a $20 million dollar "Town Square" project for mixed-use--the purpose of which, was for creating an activity center to trigger downtown development, promote transit, and enhance community identity.

5. Project Management & Development Services:
Finally, I have had the opportunity to improve development processing procedures in several cities in order to enhance tracking systems, relations between planning, building, & economic staff, public works projects, and traffic consulting services.  In the private sector, I have processed/managed many projects with focus on green building, and shielding my Clients from frustrations with the unpredictability of the County's planning approval and building permit procedures.
In summary, my goal is to inspire, educate and train clients in sustainability in order to foster social, environmental, and financial prosperity. 

More About Patrizia:
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