Sustainable Development & Planning


Patrizia Materassi, at Sustainable Development & Planning specializes in building permits for homes, granny units, permits for certain agriculture crops, and resolution of red tags in the Santa Cruz County area.

Contact Patrizia at (831)334 2383

Patrizia brings 35 years of land use planning and development review experience to your project. 
  • Land use/zoning approvals, building permits, Green projects
  • Vision and design-concept development via proven framework
  • Resolution of red tag/code violations
  • Permits for certain agriculture crops
  • Buildability and land use feasibility studies
  • Development project management 
Contact Patrizia at (831) 334 2383 for a free 15-minute consultation.


  • Design-Concept Workshops 
  • Sustainable Decision-Making for Land Use and Development
  • Making Your Project Cost Effective
  • Customized presentations and workshops
Patrizia is available to present to your project team, business club or agency. Her popular presentations and workshops provide a window into the challenges and exciting sustainable solutions for today’s land use and development requirements.

Let Patrizia guide you in the development of your project design-concept in a way it will be cost-effective, in line with the local environment, and embraced by the community; with fast zoning approvals, and avoid litigation.  Your project will be as sustainable as it can be.

Contact Patrizia at (831)334 2383 to schedule a workshop or presentation

INTERVIEW ON KSCO, Money Moves: Saving time & money on the building permit process

Patrizia was recently interviewed by radio host Pam Fuggit-Hetrick on KSCO in Santa Cruz. Beyond the basics of the application, Patrizia provided insights on how to navigate the process and how a professional planner can help clear the hurdles for a successful outcome. Text Patrizia at (831)334 2383 if you would like a transcript of the show.

Sustainable Development & Planning

Welcome to the Sustainable Development & Planning website. I hope the visit is of help to you. I provide two different but complimentary type of services, and a third and special service for those not familiar with California codes:
  1. I help property owners navigate the Santa Cruz County's building permit process and get you the permit. I specialize in green building; and,
  2. I help you make executive land use decisions in a sustainable manner using my own Sustainability Synthesis/template/methodology- Suzy101.
  3. I provide a special service for those not familiar with California codes as your Agent.
As a Land Use Consultant, I process your development plans and take care of your project as if it were mine. I provide leadership to the professional team preparing your plans, and liaison with the local jurisdiction until the permit is issued.  I can also help you to monitor construction and be liaison with the new contractors. I work with a great group of design professionals and contractors and can help you assemble a team if you like. I am your Agent. 

As a Sustainability Specialist, I lead you on a sustainable path with your project, via implementation of green building techniques, and assisting you in the process of decision making with my own method proven via 30+ years of experience in the land use field -Suzy101, a framework for decision-making.  Using Suzy101 you become confident of your actions when making development decisions, thus increasing return on your investment, while respecting the community and the planet. This ensures a faster process, no litigation, and compatibility with the community.

As your Agent , I help you to conceptualize, get permits, and monitor construction of sustainable projects in cities of California. I help you to understand how the development review process works per the California Environmental Quality Act, and all other city, State and Federal rules and procedures applicable. 

Call me at 831 334 2383 for a first field visit. 

Building Permits, Agriculture Permits, Sustainable decision making, homes, granny units. government sustainability policies, project management, sustainable development, Santa Cruz, also via Facetime.