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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

LAND USE ISSUES: Green Building VS a Green Home

Green Building --
A few weeks ago I made a presentation at the Santa Cruz County Women's Leads Club. Hope my message of "What is green building", or "What is a green project or a sustainable project" became a bit more clear to all the ladies.
When I described a potential "green building subdivision" I may develop in the future in Brazil, building a "green home" wasn't mentioned. There is a difference between "green building" and "a green home".
"Green building" is basically developing a project that protects the environment and respects the community, while it is still economically feasible and profitable to the property owner and an asset to future generations. It could be the project of a home, but also a subdivision, improvements to a school campus...etc.
The relationship of the site or parcel with the environment and with the community, its infrastructure, access to public services and all the decisions that go into a development project can make it become green and sustainable—or not.  I am a City Planner by training and 20 years of working in City Hall with the role of protecting the public good and promoting sustainable development.
Now as a Land Use Consultant for the past 15 years in the private sector those skills with the utilization of my Sustainability Template helps me to develop projects as sustainable as possible. As has been demonstrated: sustainable projects are more resilient during times of economic hardship.
Projects that typically benefit from my expertise:
1. Helping a property owner develop a project-concept for a green project, new building, a home, a subdivision, the campus of a church or a school, a co-housing or for an affordable housing project, etc. The concept development is the most creative part of my profession.
2. Helping owners to sell a green home or of a project located far from urban amenities. My Sustainable Integration Package does just that.
3. Be a Speaker on sustainability and green building: sustainable projects, sustainable decision-making, plastics pollution in the ocean, and more.
If you have any questions or would like to learn more about sustainability or discuss a potential project, please don't hesitate to contact me. I offer a 15 min. free complimentary consultation! Please call me at (831) 334 2383 or email me at

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