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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Are your important decisions sustainable?

Are your important decisions sustainable? 
Today is your last chance to vote for Patrizia's Sustainability Synthesis. I am proud my sustainable decision-making framework has been accepted as one of the sustainable planetary solutions in this great competition. Competition sponsored by Sustainable Silicon Valley (SSV) and the NASA Ames Research Center. 

My solution teaches people how to evaluate the physical, social and economic impacts of their actions on parties affected, now and overtime. It could be made into a computer App, or described in a manual, but I need financial support. Check it out!


If my solution deserves your vote Pls. follow these steps to vote:

STEP 1: Register for EcoCloud here:
STEP 2: Log-in with your account information at the top of the page
STEP 3: Paste the following link in your browser to view and rate Patrizia's solution:

Enjoy, thank you for your vote! Patrizia

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