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Thursday, October 3, 2013


   (Copyright September 2013)

In the graphic above, planet, people and prosperity, or environmental (physical), social and economic, are the basic tenets of balance.  If you notice, just about anything in the world reaches harmony by balancing these 3 tenets.  You may even find origins of this trinity back in the works of Aristotle, as my son pointed out to me when I shared my graphic with him.

The graphic is the work-sheet version of my business logo and I use it to apply the Sustainability Synthesis 101 (Suzy 101) - a framework for decision making.  The goal of this framework/methodology/template is to reach a balance of the 3 elements- planet, people and prosperity or environmental/ physical, social and economic, now and over time.  It works perfectly for land use/development matters; as well as for any other subject, businesses, government and personal decisions. It can also be an instrument to devise a marketing campaign if you like.

Suzy101 helps individuals, businesses, corporations and government make balanced decisions.  

At the personal level the planet corresponds to the human body, the people to your heart or happiness, and prosperity is self explanatory. If you like details of how it works, or have an important question or issue to resolve, where the question can be as simple as "What car to buy" or " What is the best strategy to grow my business?" to  "Should the USA go to war or not,"just give me a call at 831 334 2383.  I believe your decisions will be as sustainable as they can be and in line with the Earth and Humanity.

Each application (one question at the time) takes approximately 2 hours of your time and a total of 5 hours of my work; but then... Snap! and a new solution surfaces naturally.  You will then say:  "I knew it all along but was hesitating...  I had not seen how it is all connected and did not see the evidence for the long term. Now I have the courage and the confidence to take the first step no matter what!"

I charge $150 /hour for decision-making services.  Here I am giving you a great discount for my services. The flat fee  is $500.00 for each application. Check it out!  It really works.

Whenever you are ready, call me at 831 334 2383 or email me at  I also do skype at Patrizia199.  Patrizia

**  I did not "created" this template, I figured the formula of how a balanced decision comes to be.  

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